Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello people.
I am changing my blog URL.
The new URL:

haha...yes...u just have to change 2 words. (rite --> right ; wat -->what)
actually the reason is very simple.
I used my hotmail to sign up when i opened this blog.
Now I want to change it to my gmail account.
Very 'ma fan' loh... everytime i sign in gmail my blog will automatically sign out one...
It's ok if u don c the connection... hahaha...

So, please remember to change the URL if u have linked me in ur website. =D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whee~~ We got the GIANT Super Show 2 poster!
Thanks to my sis' friend who also helped with buying the tickets.
I think it's as big as our Linkin Park poster...maybe bigger.

Yee Theng said there's 100 days left to our exams.
Translated: OH NO...I'M DEAD.
That is...if I don't do something about my studies. =.=
Ok. It's do or die.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today is JaeJoong's birthday.

Hahahahah...that was random.
Yup, I know the birthdates of every single member of TVXQ and SuJu. XD
In case you don't know who he is, he's Hero from TVXQ, always in the middle.

There have been rumours of disbandment (TVXQ) , and I'm not sure what to believe.
But I do believe, that deep down, they are together as one.
I feel it from their singing.'s fine if you don't get it. Many don't.

"Always keep the faith"
Micky and Jaejoong had these words tattooed on their chests.
Was it a promise between them?
Or a silent plea to fans to believe in them?
Who knows... But fans like to think so.

In any case, they are the ones having the hardest time.
I hope they really keep faith in themselves, and in each other.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I never knew that I could be like this.
Xuan told me this a couple of years ago too; I laughed at the time.
Now, I'm saying this to myself.

I never knew you could be so crazy over idol singers!

At the time, she was talking about Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Today, I'm talking about Super Junior!!!

To people who don't know it yet:
Yes! SUPER JUNIOR is coming to MALAYSIA!

Super Show 2
20th March 2010
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

Woohoo, we got the tickets!

Coming back to my statement, why did I suddenly have such a thought?
During break in Econs class today, my friends asked me about the seating plan of the concert, and we started talking about it.
I got so excited I couldn't even concentrate later in class.
To the point where my hands were shaking and my heart was beating faster than usual.

I mean...
Man, I got so worked up I couldn't believe it myself.

I wonder how I'd behave if it was Dong Bang Shin Ki instead.
They did come 2 years ago; but I had SPM and it was impossible for me to go.
It is regrettable, not being able to hear them sing live, but I think I traded that with an A1 in Bio.
HAHA. It's all about opportunity cost, isn't it?
Not too long ago, I learned that Kher Ye got free tickets to that concert and went with her mother. Plus, she got good seats. T.T
The only thing I can say is, Kher Ye, why didn't I know you at that time?!

I didn't think that SUPER JUNIOR would have their concert in Malaysia.
I hope it's super successful so they would come again in the future.
Well, so far, it's been optimistic. Hundreds of fans turned up yesterday to buy tickets, so I'm guessing they're selling like hot cakes.
My sis told me about the concert on Saturday, saw an article on the newspaper.
I read the papers on Sunday, and I told her, I want that giant poster!
It's said the organizers are giving 500 free giant posters for every purchase of 2 tickets.
Pre-sale started yesterday, only available at Sungai Wang.
So my sis went there around noon and MAN, SUPER SUPER LONG QUEUE!
I was having socio lecture, but at the same time worried about my ticket. We were buying numbered seats so it was crucial we get our desired spot.
So I kept texting her to get real time updates, haha. Sorry Dr Chin ><

I heard it was chaotic out there. There was only one counter.
They didn't even set up lines for queuing.
The number of staffs, credit card machines and computers were just too few.
And, you have to fill up a form before you buy the tickets.
So it was very damn slow. In the end it took my sis more than 4 hours to finally get the tickets.
Blame it on terrible management and horrible customer service!
Or shall I say, underestimating the popularity of SJ and the power of ELFs???
On top of that, you have to queue again on the 31st to get the poster. LIARS.

Well whatever, most important thing is I'M GOING. Haha.
Some people might be puzzled, how I can spend RM458 on a single concert without even thinking about it.
I think, that watching thousands or millions of videos of them on Youtube, doesn't add up to an experience of seeing them perform live.
Sadly, this time, not everyone is coming. I don't get to see all 13 members.
Kibum doesn't participate in Super Show 2; Kangin has been 'frozen'; Hangeng has contract issues. And some say Heechul might not come.
Damn, I really want to see 韩庚. He is one person I really admire.

Here's a side story before I end this post.
Yesterday, I was talking about the concert with my friends, during break too. Haha.
Dr Chin was writing notes on the board, and he turned around to ask us, 'Are you talking about a show?'
I said, 'Concert.'
'Whose concert?' he asked.
'Korean boy band', I answered.
He said, 'You are his (maybe he thought it's one singer) fan? Well, that's interesting.'

Mind you, we were having a class on cultural globalization.
It is interesting. If it weren't for technological globalization, I wouldn't be able to become a Kpop fan. And so Korean culture is influencing me; I'm contributing to cultural globalization. o.0
We are at the mercy of globalization.
Can it be stopped? I don't think so.
The more important question is, how do we deal with it?
As Dr Chin pointed out yesterday, globalization comes with a price, the question is whether we are able to pay it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

When you think of new year, you think of new year resolution.
Well, maybe not. Haha.
But this brings back memories.
William (my former english tutor) used to tell us to write our new year's resolution (essay), every year without fail.
I only did it once, in Form One. And that wasn't even an essay, just 10 separate sentences.
After that, I didn't complete any essays.

It was all meaningless to me.
Or perhaps I was just afraid that I'd get disappointed at the end of the year, when I failed to fulfill my goals.

So, what's different this year?

Before that, let me tell you something.
My regular sleeping hours are 4am - 1pm (whenever I don't have class).

So, this morning around 9 something, I was in my brother's room playing his NDS.
My dad came in, and said to my bro, "New year, new beginning."
And the kid asked, "What does that mean?"
Dad: "Like your sister here, new year wake up early. So it's a new beginning."

The truth of the matter is, if you see me up and about by 9 o'clock in the morning, there are only 2 possible reasons:
One, I'm either going to class or I'm going out.
Two, I didn't sleep.

So, Dad inspired this.
My new year's resolution:
Adjust my sleeping hours

ps: Happy New Year! =P

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My full time job, you would guess that it's STUDENT.

And it should be so.
But sadly, it is not.

The correct answer is...

Job description:
To put up with my brother, a pain in the ass.

Job requirement:
Patience + Humour



None Whatsoever

I think I'm good at my job, because nobody else understands him the way I do.
However, it gets tiring.
If somebody calls you "二家姐!!!" every other minute, and demands something from you, you'll know exactly how I feel.

Plus, he's LOUD.
If his favourite word is "二家姐", then mine should be "BISING".

On top of that, he has an impossible personality.
My full time job is 二家姐; his full time job is 管家仔.
Everything concerns him.
Example, if you eat out, he asks about your meal the minute you get home.

But the most annoying thing he does, is saying "做咩" about a hundred times each day.
If you ask him something, he answers with 做咩.
If you tell him to do something, he asks you 做咩.
If you tell him something, he also asks you 做咩.
Even when you're saying nonsense, he says 做咩.

Despite all that, I still love my brother (my boss), 管家Kin. =P

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That first step you take is the longest stride

But my problem is, I don't take the next step.

I've seen people hurting by thinking too much.
I hurt myself by doing nothing.